Installing Modules

Installing Modules

Out of the box, drozer provides modules to investigate various aspects of the Android platform, and a few remote exploits. You can extend drozer’s functionality by downloading and installing additional modules

Finding Modules

The official drozer module repository is hosted alongside the main project on Github. This is automatically set up in your copy of drozer. You can search for modules using the module command:

dz> module search root

For more information about a module, pass the –d option:

dz> module search cmdclient -d
 Exploit the setuid-root binary at /system/bin/cmdclient on certain devices to gain a
 root shell. Command injection vulnerabilities exist in the parsing mechanisms of the
 various input arguments.
 This exploit has been reported to work on the Acer Iconia, Motorola XYBoard and
 Motorola Xoom FE.

Installing Modules

You install modules using the module command:

dz> module install cmdclient
Processing metall0id.root.cmdclient... Done.
Successfully installed 1 modules, 0 already installed

This will install any module that matches your query. Newly installed modules are dynamically loaded into your console and are available for immediate use