Needle meets Jenkins

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05 Jun 2017 - Marco Lancini

Needle meets Jenkins: how to include Needle in your CI pipeline

The latest 2 releases of Needle were focused on providing features essential for its integration within a CI pipeline:

These 2 features made it possible to create the PoC below, where needle has been integrated with Jenkins.


Image: Jenkins Project.

Image: Execute Shell.

First, run needle in non-interactive mode, specifying the output folder, the target app, and all the modules you want to have executed (see Non-Interactive mode on the Wiki for a full list of options):

As a quick PoC, the “issues.db” database could be checked for the presence of vulnerabilities: if so, the build could be marked as a fail. Note that a more complex logic could be used to determine if the build should be failed.

Image: Run.

Image: Run.