Feature List

Area What Command Description Demo
[CORE] CLI interface python    
[CORE] Use resource file python -r <path to file> Executes commands from a resource file  
[CORE] Session manager   SSH, USB over SSH  
[CORE] Device auto-configuration set SETUP_DEVICE True On launch, Needle checks if all the tools needed are already on the device, otherwise it will install them  
[CORE] Modular approach show modules, use <module_name>, show [options\source\info\globals] Show details of a particular module, once selected  
[CORE] Background jobs jobs, kill <num> List running jobs and kill them  
[CORE] Search search <query> Search available modules  
[CORE] Local command <cmd> Execute a command on the local workstation  
[CORE] Drop shell shell Drop a shell on the remote device  
[CORE] Do command exec_command <cmd> Execute a single command on the remote device  
[CORE] Push/pull <push\pull> <src> <dst> Push/pull files on the device  
[BINARY] Class Dump use binary/class_dump Dump the class interfaces  
[BINARY] Compilation Checks use binary/compilation_checks Check for protections (PIE, ARC, stack canaries, binary encryption)  
[BINARY] Install IPA use binary/install Automatically upload and install an IPA on the device  
[BINARY] App Metadata use binary/metadata Display the app’s metadata (UUID, app name/version, bundle name/id, bundle/data/binary directory, binary path/name, entitlements, url handlers, architectures, platform/sdk/os version), ATS settings, app extensions  
[BINARY] Pull IPA use binary/pull_ipa Decrypt and pull the application’s IPA from the device  
[BINARY] Shared Libraries use binary/shared_libraries List the shared libraries used by the application  
[BINARY] Strings use binary/strings Find strings in the (decrypted) application binary, then try to extract URIs and ViewControllers  
[BINARY] Universal Links use binary/universal_links Display an applications universal links. Can also determine if apple-app-site-association is signed or not  
[COMMS] Delete Installed Certificates use comms/certs/delete_ca Delete one (or more) certificates installed on device  
[COMMS] Export Installed Certificates use comms/certs/export_ca Export one (or more) certificates installed on device  
[COMMS] Import Installed Certificates use comms/certs/import_ca Import a certificate from a file in PEM format  
[COMMS] Install MitmProxy CA Certificate use comms/certs/install_ca_mitm Install the CA Certificate of MitmProxy on the device  
[COMMS] List Installed Certificates use comms/certs/list_ca List the certificates installed on device  
[COMMS] Intercepting Proxy use comms/proxy/proxy_regular Intercept the traffic generated by the device  
[DYNAMIC] Jailbreak Detection use dynamic/detection/jailbreak_detection Verify that the app cannot be run on a jailbroken device  
[DYNAMIC] URI Handler use dynamic/ipc/open_uri Test IPC attacks by launching URI Handlers  
[DYNAMIC] Heap Dump use dynamic/memory/heap_dump Dump memory regions of the app and look for strings  
[DYNAMIC] Monitor File changes use dynamic/monitor/files Monitor the app data folder and keep track of modified files  
[DYNAMIC] Monitor OS Pasteboard use dynamic/monitor/pasteboard Monitor the OS Pasteboard and dump its content  
[DYNAMIC] Syslog Monitor use dynamic/monitor/syslog Monitor the syslog in background and dump its content  
[DYNAMIC] Syslog Watch use dynamic/watch/syslog Watch the syslog in realtime  
[HOOKING] Cycript shell use hooking/cycript/cycript_shell Spawn a Cycript shell attached to the target app  
[HOOKING] Cycript TouchID use hooking/cycript/cycript_touchid Circumvent Touch ID when implemented using LocalAuthentication framework  
[HOOKING] Frida launcher use hooking/frida/frida_launcher Run Frida scripts (JS payloads)  
[HOOKING] Frida shell use hooking/frida/frida_shell Spawn a Frida shell attached to the target app  
[HOOKING] Frida trace use hooking/frida/frida_trace Trace the specified functions using frida-trace  
[HOOKING] Enumerate All Methods use hooking/frida/script_enum-all-methods Enumerate all methods from all classes in the application  
[HOOKING] Enumerate Classes use hooking/frida/script_enum-classes Enumerate available classes  
[HOOKING] Enumerate Methods use hooking/frida/script_find-class-enum-methods Find the target class specified and enumerate its methods  
[STATIC] Code Checks use static/code_checks Static analysis of the apps’s source code. Aims to find usage of potentially insecure functions. Can be applied to a whole folder or, if SECONDARY_FOLDER is specified, only to the diffs computed among the 2 versions of the same codebase.  
[STORAGE] Keyboard Autocomplete Caching use storage/caching/keyboard_autocomplete Dump the content of the keyboard’s autocomplete databases in order to help identify if sensitive information input into the application could be cached  
[STORAGE] Screenshot Caching use storage/caching/screenshot Test if a screenshot of the application’s main window is cached when the application’s process is moved to the background  
[STORAGE] Binary Cookies Files use storage/data/files_binarycookies List Binary Cookies files contained in the app folders, alongside with their Data Protection Class. Plus, offers the chance to pull and inspect them with BinaryCookieReader  
[STORAGE] Cache.db Files use storage/data/files_cachedb List Cache.db files contained in the app folders, alongside with their Data Protection Class. Plus, offers the chance to pull and inspect them with SQLite3  
[STORAGE] Plist Files use storage/data/files_plist List plist files contained in the app folders, alongside with their Data Protection Class. Plus, offers the chance to inspect them with Plutil  
[STORAGE] SQL Files use storage/data/files_sql List SQL files contained in the app folders, alongside with their Data Protection Class. Plus, offers the chance to pull and inspect them with SQLite3  
[STORAGE] Dump Keychain use storage/data/keychain_dump Dump the keychain  
[VARIOUS] Clean Storage use various/clean_storage Clean device storage from leftovers artefacts of other tools (e.g., Frida)  
[VARIOUS] Hosts File use various/hosts Show the content of the device’s /etc/hosts file, and offer the chance to edit it  
[VARIOUS] List Installed Applications use various/list_apps Provide a list of the bundle IDs of all the apps installed on the device